Our services benefit elementary, middle, high school students and young adults in college.

Is procrastination your child’s middle name? Does your child finish their assignments, but fail to turn in their work? Is your student not performing to their academic potential because study skills and communicating with teachers is challenging? Does learning how to utilize a homework routine or practicing and learning life skills sound like activities your child should begin working on?

If you’d like to learn more about Executive Function and how to integrate organizational skills into your student’s everyday life you’ve come to the right place. At My Organized Mind we collaborate with families, teachers and professionals in order to ensure a complete and comprehensive coaching process.  Our coaches are trained educators that specialize in working with students with Executive Function and Social Skills deficits and Academic challenges. Our coaches work with students from elementary school to adulthood.

Who would benefit ?

-Kids on IEPs

-People planning for college

-People in career transitions

-Kids and college students under-performing in academics

-People who are unemployed or under-employed

-Kids learning how to drive or take the SAT



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